Treasure of Nadia [v1.04] (Final) Download Latest Apk | PC

treasure of nadia

By NLT Media

Treasure of Nadia [v1.04] (Final) Download Latest Apk | PC

Version v1.04

Updated 2024-06-10

Size 1.57 GB

treasure of nadia apktreasure of nadia apk download

Play the newest version of the Treasure of Nadia game on Android, Windows, and Mac devices, This artice will guide users on how they can download and install the game.

Recently NLT Media the developer and publisher of this game has released a new version of this game which is now available to download from this page for free.

The game tells a cool story about Henry and his friends searching for treasure. Along the way, Henry experiences many awesome things that players can also enjoy.

The exciting part is that users will play Henry’s role throughout the entire game, maintaining complete control over his actions. This allows users to make choices, take actions, and complete tasks on behalf of Henry.

There are multiple non-playing characters (NPC) added to the game by the developer and their names are Alia, Clare, Diana, Janet, Jessica, Naomi, Sofia, and more.

Each character in the Treasure of Nadia game has its own role and users help during the game in specific missions.

This game became popular so quickly because of two main reasons: Long Storyline content and Quests & Missions

For users who love playing long content games then this is the best game for them because its takes multiple weeks or even months to complete the whole storyline of this game.

The best part is that the quests and missions make the gameplay more fun and enjoyable during the gameplay.

Additionally, the game offers many more features which I have mentioned below in this article.

Features of this Game

Choices and Consequences

One of the key features of this game is that users can make all the choices throughout the game and these choices will affect the gameplay as the gameplay processes.

Thanks to this feature users now have full control over how they want to share Henry's journey.


Explore the multiple areas and locations in the game during the gameplay, most locations will be locked at the beginning of the game but as the user completes missions and progresses in the game they will be able to visit that location.

The developer has hidden numerous secret locations throughout the game that can only be discovered while completing missions.

Progression and Rewards

The more progress a user makes in the game the more rewards they will get to earn, rewards could be earned in many forms such as unlocking new areas, items for the characters, and unique items.

So remember to earn rewards and progress through the game's storyline as you uncover the treasure of Nadia apk.

Character Interactions

There are more than 50+ characters available in the game and the developer makes this game in a way so that users can interact with all the characters.

This is a useful feature and only available to top popular games and this game is one of them.

Each character has its unique feature because of this it is recommended to go to each of the characters and complete missions with them.

Puzzles and Challenges

Users must solve puzzles and face challenges that will test their skills and progress the narrative.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Treasure of Nadia gameplay?

Main Story1033h 54m31h 21m28h 48m42h 1m
Main + Extras1145h 19m36h 45m34h 1m70h 4m
Completionist2344h 27m42h35h 33m58h 31m
All PlayStyles4442h 4m39h 1m32h 46m69h 34m

Is Treasures of Nadia worth it?

Yes, this is the best and longest gameplay game in the visual-novel category, and thanks to all the unique features such as Multiple Non-playing characters, social interactions, different locations to Explore, challenge and puzzles, etc, all the thing combined make the gameplay experience amazing, I highly recommend user needs to play this game.

Which type of game is Treasure of Nadia?

This is a visual-novel roleplaying game in simple words an RPG game, this game is based on a treasure hunt storyline and offers so many amazing things to the player.

How big is the Treasure of Nadia?

The size of the current latest version of this game is 1.57 GB which is for Android smartphones and 11.22 GB for Windows platforms.

Where is a treasure of Nadia's saves located?

All the saved files are located at “\Users\<Your User Name>\AppData\Local\User Data. (*)

Where is Alia in Treasure of Nadia?

She resides on Estero Key with her foster mom, Naomi, and her foster dad.

Where did Alia deliver her baby?

In this game, Alia delivers her baby in the hospital.

Where is the silver treasure of Nadia?

At Full Mast Bar, there's a jar to the left of the building containing Silver Ore, accessible with a Pipe Wrench or Pickaxe.


This is a great game with good graphics, voice-overs, storyline and much features, download the latest version of this game today from this page.

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