Download Total Drama Harem Game v0.3.3a Apk Latest

total drama harem

By AruzeNSFW

Download Total Drama Harem Game v0.3.3a Apk Latest

Version v0.3.3a

Updated 2023-10-28

Size 515 MB

total drama harem gametotal drama harem game

Total Drama Harem is a visual-novel game about a by AruzeNSFW who is a game developer and published many popular games and this is one of them.

Here is a brief explanation for the gameplay and the storyline of the game :

At the start of the game, players meet a TV host named "Chris Mclean" who's filming a reality show at a camp called Wawanakwa in Muskoka, Ontario.

The host also said they've done lots of seasons before that viewers loved, and now they're recording a new season with new contestants.

All the contestants in the game has to compete against each others in challenges.

And if any of the contestants fail to win the challenge then they'll be send to a forbidden island and they will have to live their for 3 day,

The island is far away from cities and towns, so they'll have to find their own food and supplies there.

The contestant who has been sent to the island the fewest times will win a big prize of money.

And for winning the challenges, they'll earn invites to dramatic Bonfire ceremonies.

In the current Total Drama Harem game, there are seven female contestants and one male. Here are their names:

In the Total Drama Harem game, the contestants are Lindsay, Courtney, Heather, Bridgette, Izzy, Gwen, and Cody.

During the gameplay, players will take on the role of Cody, a young man who is the only male among the contestants.

All the participants will live together in a cabin, and they can bring clothes, smartphones, and other items from their own lives into the game.

In the first challenge the player will see that Cody and Courtney lost the first game and they are moved to the island.

The good thing is that they successfully survived 3 days in the forbidden island because Cody help to gather all the resource like food for him and Courtney.

Also Cody protect Courtney from wind animals in the island, soon they both become best friends and players can see they friendship in the upcoming challenges.

Features of this game:

Multiple Device Support: Total Drama Harem is now available to play on Android, Windows and Mac platforms use the link available on this page to get the latest game files.

Cheat Enabled: Now the game has a inbuild cheat option which players can access to apply different kind of cheat to bypass a challenge, increase health in the game, and do many fun things.

Offline Game: AruzeNSFW (Developer of this game) has made this game for offline gameplay because of this game, player do not required to connect their device to the internet to play the game.

Consistent Updates: The developer working on the future updates to bring new features to this game, because of the consistent updates player never going to feel bored during the gameplay.

In Conclusion, Play the game today to explore Cody's journey and help him to take the best decisions during the challenges.

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