Tekken 3 Game Apk Download v3.9.4 Latest

tekken 3 game apk download


Tekken 3 Game Apk Download v3.9.4 Latest

Version v3.9.4

Updated 2024-03-12

Size 60 MB

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Tekken 3 Game Apk is a popular fighting game available to play on Android smartphones and other devices.

By the end of this article, users will get to know how they can download and install this game, the top features, and some tips and tricks to make the gameplay more enjoyable.

This game which fall into the fighting game genre, influencing many future games with its gameplay mechanics, character design, and 3D fighting environments.

The great thing is that Tekken 3 game apk remains a favorite among gamers and has been re-released on various platforms over the years such as Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, and now for Android smartphones.

One of the first things that will surprise you when you play the game is its impressive graphics.

Despite being released many years ago, the visuals are still amazing, thanks to multiple re-releases over the years.

During the gameplay users will be surprised by experiencing the smooth animations and controls.

Also, all the looks for the game characters are created in very detailed and realistic character models.

One thing that still didn't change in the game is the memorable soundtrack and sound effects.

If users played the game when it was first released, they would experience the same gameplay, graphics, and sound effects as they were originally presented.

The game features some of the most popular characters from the Tekken game series such as Jin Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu, Hwoarang, and Bryan Fury, alongside returning characters like Paul Phoenix, Yoshimitsu, King, and Nina Williams.

This is one of the best thing I liked the most about this game is which is multiple modes.

Now the game supports different modes including Arcade Mode (where players progress through a series of fights), Versus Mode (for multiplayer battles), and a robust Training Mode to practice and refine skills.

Features of this Game

Greate and Improved Graphics

Many years have passed since the game was first released. During this time, the developers continued to work on improving its graphics.

Now, players can enjoy the game with significantly enhanced visuals compared to its original release.

After playing the game, users will experience gameplay that closely resembles that of traditional game consoles.

Customizable Controls

Users have full control of customizing the game's control as per their needs.

This is a great feature because everyone has a different size of a smartphone and to play the game user needs to make some adjustments to control the game properly.

Original Fighting Characters

All the characters available in the game are from official the game with the same fighting moves and outfits.

The game currently has 9 different characters in total and their name is Jin Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu, Hwoarang, and Bryan Fury, alongside returning characters like Yoshimitsu, Paul Phoenix, King, and Nina Williams.

Memorable Soundtrack & Sound Effects

Just like the old classic characters the game has memorable soundtracks which were available in the old original series.

During the gameplay on an Android smartphone users will get to experience all the soundtrack for each of the characters available in the game.

This also includes sound effects during fights and special moves.

Three Different Modes

Arcade Mode: If users want to play the game in a series and complete all the game missions and knock out all the characters in the game then this is the best.

Versus Mode: In the versus mode user can select any one character from this game and fight with him.

Robust Training Mode: Users who are still new to this game can access this mode so that they can improve their fighting moves.

Save and Load State

There is an option called save and load state where users can save the game during gameplay and load it whenever they want.

This is a great feature and helps users to leave the game in between the gameplay and continue later from they left.


Tekken 3 is an impressive game with good graphics and a collection of characters, download the game from this page for free for Android smartphones.

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