Parasite in City Apk v8.4.2 Latest Download Android | PC

Parasite in City apk

By Pixel Factory

Parasite in City Apk v8.4.2 Latest Download Android | PC

Version v8.4.2

Updated 2024-07-03

Size 48 MB

Parasite in City AndroidParasite in City MOD ApkParasite in City Apk

Parasite in City a horror survival game developed by Pixel Factory, has recently launched its latest version for Android users. This guide will walk you through the steps to download and run the game on your device.

The game features side-scrolling levels meaning users have to move from the left side to the right side and fight with the enemies.

A young girl is the main character of his game, and she is excellent at fighting and using all the weapons.


In the game, players assume the role of a young woman who was once a police officer. One fateful night, a zombie outbreak occurs in her city, leaving her stranded on its darkened streets.

Thankfully, she has her police-issued gun with her, but ammunition is extremely limited. Because of this, she must rely on her hand-to-hand combat skills, honed during her training.

In each mission of this game, users need to find a way out so that they can reach a safe place.

The zombies will do their best to stop users from reaching their destination, but users must be smart and use the items available on the screen as weapons.

Weapons like sticks, guns, and other random items are available on the screen which users can use to defeat zombies.

As the level of the user increases, different enemies will come and attack the users, some of whom are small creatures, big zombies, and more.

Features of this Game

Side-scrolling Levels: Many people love playing side-scrolling games where a game character moves from the left side to the right side fighting with the enemies and completing tasks, this game offers the same side-scrolling mechanics and many more features.

Multiple Missions: There are multiple missions available in the game, in each of the missions users will be in different environments, and locations and fighting with different enemies that are specially made for that environment.

Different difficulty Levels: Now adjust the game's difficulty level to suit your gaming style: increasing it makes the game harder while decreasing it makes the game easier.

Offline Gameplay: Parasite in City apk is a visual novel game that can be played offline. Users simply need to download the game's apk file, install it on their device, and they're ready to play without needing internet access, even with their device's internet turned off.


Play the game today on an Android or Windows PC and relive old memories, reminiscent of playing classic arcade games.

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