Kame Paradise v2.0 Latest Download Android | PC

Kame Paradise

By YamamotoDoujinshi

Kame Paradise v2.0 Latest Download Android | PC

Version v2.0

Updated 2024-01-11

Size 112 MB

kame paradise apkKame Paradise android

Kame Paradise game is Master Roshi's story and some other characters from the Dragon Ball Z series.

The developer of this game created a world similar to the planet shown in the Dragon Ball Z series and most of the time players can explore different cities, islands, and other locations using Master Roshi's Turtle or The Kintoun.

There are two characters playable characters in the game that the player can play the roles of, Master Roshi and Young Goku.

What is the Kame Paradise Game about?

The game is about exploring different locations in the game finding different characters from the Dragon Ball Z series and challenging them in a battle.

The game developer has introduced Young Goku as a character who seeks training from Master Youshi. However, before Master Youshi agrees to train him, he instructs Young Goku to engage in a tournament and challenge various opponents.

Players, playing as Young Goku, need to visit different places and find the right people to fight in a tournament.

Once players find the right opponent, they need to bring them back to Master Yoshi so he can challenge them.

How to Play Kame Paradise Apk?

Android: The game has simple controls and touch gestures which makes the game easy to play on an Android smartphone.

Players can also able to select different choices during gameplay and the game story will change according to the choices they make.

Windows/Mac: Using the mouse player can select different options available in the game, making choices is also easy using the mouse available on the device.

Features of this Game

Cross-Device Support: The game supports cross-device support which means this game is playable on different types of devices such as Android, Windows, and Mac, The content of this game will be the same across all the device types.

To able to play the game on different devices user needs to download the game files accordingly from this page.

Save and Load: Now save the game on any state of gameplay and load the save to continue playing the game from where they have left.

This is a helpful feature for those who want to take frequent breaks during gameplay or want to play the game during work breaks for a short period.

Cheat Patch: Now The cheat patch file allows the user to add different kinds of cheats to the game.

All these cheats are created by players and another developer to make the game more fun and interesting to play.

Offline Gaming: This game could work offline more which means you do not need an internet connection during gameplay.

Players who do not have access to the internet all the time can just download and install the game when they have internet access and later they can play the game without the internet.

How to install the Kame Paradise Game?


  1. Download the game apk file.
  2. Open the file manager, and look for the downloaded apk.
  3. Click on the apk then wait while the apk is installed.
  4. Once the game is installed you can start playing the game.



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