Hornycraft Apk v0.2 Download [Latest] Windows | Android | Mac


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Hornycraft Apk v0.2 Download [Latest] Windows | Android | Mac

Version v0.2

Updated 2024-03-10

Size 1.29 GB

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HornyCraft - is based on Minecraft game but with a unique visual-novel gameplay and new storyline.

This game is inspired by the Minecraft game but both the game offers a opposite gameplay option.

In the game user will be playing the role of "Steve", Steve is a normal guy and living a normal live in a small village.

He has a small house which he has build by himself few days ago and now he is try his best to get a better life.

There is a another female character in the game who's name is "Alex", Alex is a hard working girl and live next to Steve's house and she has a big house with all the facilities available in her house.

Steve and Alex know each others for many year and they are neighbor.

Gameplay of this game:

The HornyCraft game take inspiration and most of the time user will doing the same thing but in different ways.

There is a mine in the game which allows players to visit and mine different elements like diamonds, gold and iron.

Later user can use all this different elements to craft tools which are helpful in many missions in the future.

In the house of the main character (Steve) user can find a crafting table using which they can build tools and other things.

Building tool using the crafting table required other items likes wood, iron, silver, gold and more.

User can go to the forest or mine to find require items to craft a tool.

Tools can be build using the crafting table such as Wooden sword, fishing rod, pickaxe, axe, bucket, and golden shorts.

There are many mini-games available in the game such as mining, in the mining game user need to match patch patterns to obtain different elements such as gold, silver and iron.

There is many other character has added in the game such as Shadik and Creeper, user can go and speak to them and to get help or play missions together.

Tip: Farming from the early state in the game is a good idea to get more items.

How to Play HornyCraft Game?

Installing and playing this game require very simple steps, user can follow the steps mentioned below:


  1. Download the game apk file.
  2. Open file manager and select the apk.
  3. Click on install option.
  4. Once installed start playing the game.


  1. Download the game zip file.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file.
  3. Open the extracted folder.
  4. Start the game by double-clicking on exe file.

Apple Mac:

  1. Download the game zip file.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file.
  3. Open the unzipped folder.
  4. Double-click on the game to start the gameplay.

What is the Size of Hornycraft Game?

The size of the current game is GB for Android, Windows and Mac, use the link available on this page to download the latest game like.

Can HornyCraft played in offline?

This game is made for complete offline gameplay and do not require any kind of internet access during the gameplay.

Game Requirements

Storage2 GB4 GB
OSAndroid, Windows, MacAndroid, Windows, Mac

Game Key Features

Cross-Device Support: The HornyCraft game can be play on different platforms such as Android, Windows and Mac.

It is important to download the current file according to the device type otherwise the game will not install properly and gives error.

Inspired by Minecraft: Most of the sections and map are inspired by the original Minecraft game and user will see many similarities in the game during the gameplay.

Improved Graphics: Quality of the graphics has been improved a lot in the recent game update, whether the user going to play the game on a Android, Windows or Mac device the graphics quality will remain consistent same on all the device.

Gallery Unlocked & Save: Now use the gallery and the save file in to the game to access additional features and many more.

The save file will help the user to unlock the missions of the game at once.

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