How to Add Cheats in PPSSPP Emulator? [All Device] 2024


Updated on Jun 14, 2024

PPSSPP Cheats - Now, you don't have to add cheat codes individually for each game in the PPSSPP Emulator. Instead, you can simply download a collection of cheat files called cheat.db and apply them from this file.


What is Cheat.db file for PPSSPP?

This is like a database of the all the game available on PSP emulator, many user contributed to build this cheats file and now user can use this single file to add cheat code to any game.

Here is simple step-by-step guide on how to use cheats in ppsspp Emulator:

1. Download the Cheat.db File

From this page you can download the latest cheat file for free, just click on the download link and the file will starts downloading on your device.

2. Unzip the Cheat.db file

Download the Cheat.db File

Now unzip the file on your device before set up the upcoming steps:

Android Smartphone: Press and hold the cheat file, then tap on "More," followed by selecting the "Extract" option.

Windows PC: Right-click on the zip file and choose the "Extract All" option to unzip the file.

Apple Mac/iPhone: Simply double-click on the file to unzip it.

3. Move the Cheat file to PSP folder

move the cheat file to psp

After unzipping the file next we need to move the extract cheat.db file into the PSP folder so that we can access in through the PPSSPP emulator app.

Move or copy the file to device>PSP>Cheats, if the cheats is not available then create a new one.

4. Enable Cheat option in PPSSPP

enable cheat option

The cheat option is not enabled by default to enable it we need to access PPSSPP settings.

Launch PPSSPP emulator then click on "Settings" on the right side of the screen then select "System" option and Enable cheats from there.

5. Import Cheat from the File

load cheat codes

Open the game where you want to apply cheats. Once the game is running, press the back key on your device to access the settings.

You'll notice a new cheat option available this time. Tap on it, then select "Import from cheat.db."

Now, all the cheat codes will be displayed on your screen within the cheats option.

6. Apply Cheat to the game

 enable cheats

Select the cheat you want to apply to the game, then proceed to play. You'll observe the effect of the cheat as you continue playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Put a Cheat in PPSSPP?

To put cheat in the PPSSPP emulator you need to download the cheat.db file then move the file to device>PSP>Cheats folder, you can create a new cheats folder if there is no cheats folder available inside the PSP folder.

How to Activate Cheats on PPSSPP?

To enable cheats in PPSSPP, launch the app and navigate to the settings. Select the "System" option, scroll down, and enable the cheat option from there.

Is Cheats for PPSSPP Risky?

Downloading this file from an unknown website could pose risks to your device. To minimize these risks, ensure that you download the file from a trusted site.

How many game does cheat.db support?

Currently, there isn't a fixed number on how many games this cheat file supports, but at the moment, hundreds of games are supported by it. Additionally, many users are updating this file every month to ensure that most games can be played using cheats.

If you looking for a game which you want to test this file this here is a helpful post for your where I have mentioned How you can play GTA SA on PPSSPP.