GTA SA PPSSPP ISO [Compressed] Android Free Download


Updated on Jun 14, 2024

GTA SA PPSSPP - users can now play this game using PPSSPP PSP Emulator on a Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac and Linux devices.

gta sa ppsspp

One important thing user should know that GTA San Andreas is not officially released on PlayStation Portable instead it released for PlayStation 2 and later consoles.

But there are many fans of this game who created a mod of the GTA Vice City Stories and added Carl Johnson who is the character in the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

Well the entire game is based on GTA Vice City Stories but there are few missions, locations and characters are copied from GTA SA to make this game mod feels more real.

At present, this method stands as the sole means to play GTA SA on PPSSPP since there isn't an official ISO game file available for this title.

If you're still interested in playing the classic GTA San Andreas game via an emulator, you'll need to download a PlayStation 2 emulator known as AetherSX2.

Below I have share the steps to download and set up the modded GTA SA using PPSSPP emulator.

1. Download PPSSPP Emulator by Henrik Rydgård

download ppsspp app

Search for "PPSSPP" on the Google Play Store. Look for the app with a bluish-colored icon resembling a gamepad, then click on it.

Make sure to download the app which is publish by "Henrik Rydgård" any other app may not perform good and could result in bugs.

Windows and other device users can visit the PPSSPP.Pro website and download the file for their specific device for free.

2. Get the Game file

Now download the latest game file from this page, user do not require to download different game files for their device as one file can be run on all the platforms without any problem.

Using the link user can download the game file for free of cost.

3. Unzip the Game file

Now unzip the game file on your device:

Android Smartphone: Android users can long-press the file, select "More," and then choose "Extract."

Windows PC: Windows users can right-click on the game zip file and select "Extract."

Apple Mac/iPhone: Mac and iPhone users can simply double-click on the game zip file to extract its contents.

4. Move the Game file to the PSP folder

get the game file

Now move the extracted game file and to device>PSP>GAME.

This step is crucial, so make sure to follow it diligently. Failure to do so may result in the game not working properly or failing to load in the PPSSPP app.

5. Replace SAVADATA Folder

 replace savedata folder

Within the extracted folder, you'll discover a "savadata" folder housing vital mod data for the game.

To update, simply swap out your current "savadata" folder with the new one from the extracted folder.

Transfer or duplicate the folder to device > PSP.

Note: Implementing this action will result in the loss of all your game save states. Therefore, it's advisable to retain a backup of your previous "savedata" folder for future use.

6. Run the Game on the Emulator

 run the ppsspp emulator

Launch the emulator, then go to the home screen and open the PSP folder. Inside, locate the GAME folder, where you'll find the GTA SA game icon. Click on it to start playing.

gta sa ppsspp

Now, the game will run perfectly, and users can enjoy playing without any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GTA San Andreas on PPSSPP?

No, you can't play this game on the PPSSPP PSP Emulator, nor will it be available in the future because it was never released for the PlayStation Portable.

How to Get GTA SA on PPSSPP?

Download the modded version of this game from this page and begin playing it using this emulator.

What Systems is GTA San Andreas on?

Storage3 GB4 GB
PlatformsAndroid, Windows, AppleAndroid, Windows, Apple