Understanding Vegas Slots

Microgaming is a company that is known for its large variety of games, and its new Vegas Craps offering is stirring up a buzz. With a new Place Bets feature, users can easily determine which bets to place in certain situations.

How to Play Vegas Craps

In this version of craps, the rules are similar to other craps variations. The Come Out roll will provide 11 possibilities in number combinations from two to 12. The player will lose if the Come Out roll is a two, three, seven, 11 or 12 but will continue playing if the total is four, five, six, eight, nine or 10. Any of these numbers will be called the point, and the player must roll that number again before rolling a seven. A seven rolled before the point results in a loss while the opposite will results in a win.

The Odds

Since there are multiple ways to roll certain numbers, the odds of rolling any number combination will vary. The highest odds are associated with a six or eight at 6:5, while the odds of rolling a five are 3:2 and a four or 10 are only 2:1. The payout associated with these also varies based upon the odds, meaning that the rolls that are most difficult to achieve will result in a larger win.

Place Bets Feature

Thanks to the Place Bets feature in Microgaming's Vegas Craps, players will always be aware of where they stand during the game. The payouts for winning with a four or 10 are 9:5, the payout for a winning nine is 7:5, and the payout for a winning six or eight is 7:6 in this game. Each of these is determined by the likelihood of rolling the associated number combination. Players simply choose the 'Place Bets' option and select the bet they like the best.

Though craps has the potential to be quite complicated due to numerous bets with different names, Microgaming has worked to simplify this process with the 'Place Bets' feature.